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Innovation Master Class Watch Preview

The Innovation Master Class is a comprehensive course that covers all of the topics you need to understand in order to build an enterprise innovation practice.

The course covers everything from the current context of innovation in a climate of economic volatility and uncertainty, to the role of leadership and innovation metrics.

It also includes in-depth case studies of organizations that have achieved exceptional improvements in their ability to innovate.

The course goes far beyond the high level coverage of most innovation courses to deliver detail on how other organizations are achieving radical improvements in their innovation capability.

  • 57 Video Segments!

  • 4 hours of Instruction in short easy to digest nuggets!

  • Taught by one of the foremost experts on innovation who has taught innovation to more than 100,000 professionals, as well as graduate classes at Boston University, and Executive Education at Babson College and Harvard University.

  • Engaging video with a live instructor instead of drab and boring PowerPoint slides with voice overs!

  • 12 Exercises to apply learnings to your organization

  • Numerous real world case studies of companies who are great innovators. Includes Apple, Sony, GM, Boston Beer Company, Kodak, NASA, 3M, iRobot, and others.

Who this course is for:

  • Individuals tasked with building or managing an innovation practice
  • Leaders who need to provide their organization with tools and methods to increase innovative capability
  • Entrepreneurs who want to build a culture of innovation from the outset

36 Lessons

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36 Lessons in Innovation Master Class:

Section 1: The Global Context and The Imperative for Innovation

Innovation in a Hyperconnected World

The Challenge of Innovating for the Future

Understanding the Impact and Opportunity of Uncertainty, Behavior, and Datafication

Section 1 Resources

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Exercise 3

Exercise 4

Section 2: The Process of Innovation and its Five Immutable Laws

Defining the Process of Innovation

Laws 1 & 2 of Innovation: Go Where the Fear Is, Be Impervious to Rejection

Laws 3 & 4 of Innovation: It's Not Invention, It's Not A Solo Flight

Law 5 of Innovation: It's Always A Threat To Yesterday's Success

Section 2 Resources

Exercise 5

Exercise 6

Section 3: Building an Innovation Zone

Building An Innovation Zone: The Kodak Case Study

Building An Innovation Zone: The Partners Health Care Case Study (Part1)

Building An Innovation Zone: The Partners Health Care Case Study (Part 2)

Section 4: How Leadership and Structure Support an Innovation Zone

Innovation Leadership

The Role Core Competency and The Importance of Spotting An Innovation Apex

Building a Structure For Innovation and The Innovation 2.0 Framework

How to Co-create With A Marketplace by Synchronizing the Market and Business

Section 4 Resources

Exercise 7

Exercise 8

Section 5: The Seven Lessons of Innovation

The 7 Lessons of Innovation 1) Build For The Unknown

The 7 Lessons of Innovation 2) Fail Fast

The 7 Lessons of Innovation 3) Abandon The Success Of The Past

The 7 Lessons of Innovation 4) Separate The Seeds From The Weeds

The 7 Lessons of Innovation 5) Focus On Process Over Product

The 7 Lessons of Innovation 6) Create An Innovation Experience

The 7 Lessons of Innovation 7) Challenge Conventional Wisdom

Section 5 Resources

Exercise 9

Exercise 10

Section 6: Measuring the Impact and Value of Innovation

Measuring Innovation And Using The Innovation Chain Framework

Examples Of How To Measure Innovation

Section 6 Resources

Exercise 11

Exercise 12

Section 7: Wrapup and Certification

Final Thoughts