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Increase your innovative capacity.

Our on-demand workshop uses high-quality video and interactivity that will teach you the methods and tools for creating world class innovation skills.

This session will build your competency and capability in innovation, with a proven set of tools and individualized analysis that has been deployed in many of the world’s largest organizations.

The class focuses on what is fast becoming one of the core competencies for survival in the global economy.

As globalization reshapes the competitive landscape, individuals and organizations are realizing that growing their innovative capacity is the only way to build leadership and sustain it.

Lessons in Innovation Master Class:

  1. 1 Innovation in a Hyperconnected World

  2. 2 The Challenge of Innovating for the Future

  3. 3 Understanding the Impact and Opportunity of Uncertainty, Behavior, and Datafication

  4. 4 Exercise 1

  5. 5 Exercise 2

  6. 6 Exercise 3

  7. 7 Exercise 4

  8. 8 Defining the Process of Innovation

  9. 9 Laws 1 & 2 of Innovation: Go Where the Fear Is, Be Impervious to Rejection

  10. 10 Laws 3 & 4 of Innovation: It's Not Invention, It's Not A Solo Flight

  11. 11 Law 5 of Innovation: It's Always A Threat To Yesterday's Success

  12. 12 Exercise 5

  13. 13 Exercise 6

  14. 14 Building An Innovation Zone: The Kodak Case Study

  15. 15 Building An Innovation Zone: The Partners Health Care Case Study (Part1)

  16. 16 Building An Innovation Zone: The Partners Health Care Case Study (Part 2)

  17. 17 Innovation Leadership

  18. 18 The Role Core Competency and The Importance of Spotting An Innovation Apex

  19. 19 Building a Structure For Innovation and The Innovation 2.0 Framework

  20. 20 How to Co-create With A Marketplace by Synchronizing the Market and Business

  21. 21 Exercise 7

  22. 22 Exercise 8

  23. 23 The 7 Lessons of Innovation 1) Build For The Unknown

  24. 24 The 7 Lessons of Innovation 2) Fail Fast

  25. 25 The 7 Lessons of Innovation 3) Abandon The Success Of The Past

  26. 26 The 7 Lessons of Innovation 4) Separate The Seeds From The Weeds

  27. 27 The 7 Lessons of Innovation 5) Focus On Process Over Product

  28. 28 The 7 Lessons of Innovation 6) Create An Innovation Experience

  29. 29 The 7 Lessons of Innovation 7) Challenge Conventional Wisdom

  30. 30 Exercise 9

  31. 31 Exercise 10

  32. 32 Measuring Innovation And Using The Innovation Chain Framework

  33. 33 Examples Of How To Measure Innovation

  34. 34 Exercise 11

  35. 35 Exercise 12

  36. 36 Final Thoughts

What Our Members Have to Say:

“Just right. Intellectually stimulating yet not like an academic lecture in a college lecture hall. I have several books on innovation, which I have read partially. This is a much better way to get interactive content and get to the heart of innovation in a much better way. I plan to buy the instructor's book on innovation as a result of taking this course.” ― Wayne Shaw
“I am learning how to inject innovation into a government environment in which innovation seems to threaten long term employees with reductions in force.” ― Stephen Skea
“Well spoken teacher. The course was exceptional. The quality of the video/audio was very high.” ― Nikolaos Saripoulos
“The best course on innovation I have completed so far. Excellent, the facilitator was very engaging and content was superlative. Well done.” ― Sonia Merchant
“Yes, this has been a great match for me. i have been working with Innovation / Product Launch and related fields since the early 1980s, and familiar with much of this material, but TK adds depth and his own unique spin to all of it. I regret only that as we get into the deeper areas, particularly leadership, the material feels very rushed -- there is so much going on there that can't be covered in a few minutes.” ― Michael Utvich
“Really good, it has helped clarify innovation and debunked a few myths i had about how innovation happens.” ― Lisa McClure
“Excellent class and overview of innovation and the process. Examples provided were realistic and helped to drive the points home. I would recommend this class for anyone involved with innovation in their organization.” ― Chris Colson
“The course gave an excellent coverage of the Innovation ocean. The structure and organization builds from the very loose and vauge notions of innovations and by the time all sections are covered one has an excellent idea on transforming an organization into an highly innovation driven delivering to the customer an ever expanding experience of your product!!” ― Kannan R
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